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I have not been keeping up to date with my blog apologies for this. However it is because I have been busy with work for clients and I can now finally show some of the designs to you. I have had a mixture of work ranging from children’s party invitations to logo designs for new start ups. Below are the Logo’s I have been busy creating.




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Grow packaging design

I have finished developing the packaging design for my new concept brand Grow. The product is a grow your own range for children 3 years +, it has three different products including Strawberries, Sunflowers and Wildflowers.

Originally i was going to design a sleeve to wrap around a cardboard box which would hold the contents. However the packaging was designed with the idea that children like to hold items that they are going to purchase when they are with their parents. So i created my design using a happy meal style template.

The box will hold x3 coir pots – natural pots which can be planted into the ground once the seeds start to germinate into seedlings. x3 coir disks, compost disks which expand when adding water, x3 wooden markers and a packet of seeds. This kits will contain everything you need to start growing some plants with your children. Most children enjoy being outdoors and love digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow. All that is needed is the water, gloves, fork & spade.


Daleys is a restaurant and coffee shop in the heart of Bury st Edmunds. It is a traditional restaurant with a wide ranging menu of delicious homemade dishes. However it is now looking fairly left behind compared to the rest of Bury st Edmunds. With the new development The Arc shopping center and its many new trendy and modern cafe and shops, there is more competition than ever but also the potential to attract lots of customers to its doors. I have started to produce a new concept to refresh the brands image and make it a top choice to stop for a drink or bite to eat.

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