Showcase: Rodrigo Monteiro


   Showcase: Rodrigo Monteiro

Bossa Studios senior games developer, Rodrigo Monteiro talks to me about his work, what inspires him and his daily routine.


Tell me a little bit about yourself. Who are you & What do you do?

My name is Rodrigo Monteiro, I’m a video games programmer from Brazil, who has lived in London, UK, for the past two years. I’ve been developing games, mostly on my own, since 1996, and I currently work as a senior games developer at Bossa Studios.

What is your typical daily work routine?
As a games developer, there isn’t much of a daily routine. The nature of the job is to be flexible and adapt to different day to day situations. A typical day will probably start with a short meeting, though, and from there, the rest of the day is a scramble to achieve the current goals in whichever way is more fitting. 🙂
What do you do in your spare time?
I play lots of video games and board games, watch documentaries, play around constructing things (like robots), and make my own games – in a way, developing games is both my profession and my hobby. 🙂
What triggers your creative spark and how do you see it through?
It’s hard to pinpoint a creative spark. It can be anything, really. What happens most of the time, though, is that I don’t get motivated until after I’m working on something – so I force myself to start, even if I’m not feeling it, and let the inertia guide me through.
What tools and mediums do you use?
As a programmer, I use lots of tools, though my tool of choice is Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, which covers both C++ and C#, my two favourite programming languages. My engine of choice is Halley, the engine that I’ve written myself in my spare time, though at work we use Unity.
What one piece of your work best represents you?
Very difficult question. In the end, I’d probably answer Halley, because it’s a result of years of my struggle trying to make a game engine the way I believe it should work. 🙂
Who and/or What inspires you?
As a person, the answer has to be Carl Sagan. Watching Cosmos was, in a very literal and non-exaggerated sense, a life changing experience for me. His perspectives have re-shaped how I see the world, and I’m glad for it. On a professional level, it’s a much more difficult question – I don’t think that any specific programmer or game designer inspires me, in particular.
What has been you most enjoyable piece of work to date?
I don’t have a favourite piece of work. All experiences are enjoyable to a degree, but also have their un-enjoyable moments. If I had to choose, I’d probably go with Halley again.
What/Who would be your ultimate client or dream job?
I get paid to develop great games, so I can’t ask much more than that. 🙂 The only thing that would be better would be to be given mountains of money to make whichever game it pleased me, but that sounds a bit utopic? 🙂
If there is one piece of advice you could give to aspiring creatives, what would it be?
Start working on what you like, RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait for college, don’t wait for a job – those will only make pursuing your creative dreams harder. Teach yourself any skill you need and get working. Meet like-minded people and work together, if you’d like. Just go out and, as Neil Gaiman would say, make good art.

Showcase: Oliver Hindle


    Showcase: Oliver Hindle (Oliver Age 24)

Bossa Studios Digital Marketing Assistant, Oliver Hindle talks to me about his work, being treated like ‘rockstars’ and his you tube channel How To Draw Really Good.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Who are you & What do you do?

My name’s Oliver Hindle and I work for Bossa Studios as a Digital Marketing Assistant. My job is to make Bossa, and all of the games that they produce, look as awesome as possible and be seen by as many people as possible. Fortunately, Bossa Studio’s is full of awesome people that make awesome games, so that makes my job easier!

What is your typical daily work routine?

My favourite thing about my job is that every day is different. As I’m working for a fairly independent games studio, there aren’t as many staff as a AAA studio, which means that everyone gets to work on things that typically wouldn’t be within their job role or responsibilities. Depending on what games we have scheduled,

my tasks vary between:

– Photoshopping ridiculous pictures

– Capturing/editing game trailers

– Filming/editing behind-the-scenes videos

– Attending marketing/pr meetings and brainstorming sessions

– Lunch Meetings <3

– Talking to fans and answering their questions

– Running competitions

– Researching/writing marketing plans for upcoming releases

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I make lots and lots of things. I run multiple YouTube channels, release self-produced music, do commissioned animation/music/art work and I’m learning how to make video games! Most of my spare time is taken up by my largest YouTube Channel ‘How To Draw Really Good’ where I try to combine all of my interests and hobbies to create videos/songs/tutorials and artwork as ‘Oliver Age 24’. Aside from that, I try to fit in as much of a social life as I can without cutting out sleep entirely lol.

What triggers your creative spark and how do you see it through?

I have a really short attention span and I’m constantly bored. I’ve found that while this is often a weakness for longer projects, it works to my advantage for shorter ones. I constantly think “Wouldn’t it be funny if…” or “Wouldn’t it be awesome if…” and rather than dismiss the silly ideas, I try to do them quickly and efficiently and they tend to be my best work!

What tools and mediums do you use?

For music and audio recording, I use Cubase 5 and loooads of VST’s and Sample Libraries. I’ve been collecting and amassing a huge collection of sounds for about 10 years, if digital-hoarding is a problem, I need an intervention because I’m addicted.

With drawing, I use Adobe Flash as I really like the way the lines are smoothed with the way it handles vectors.It has a really distinct look that I’ve embraced as part of my visual style.

I use Adobe Premiere and After Effects for video editing and post-processing. I have a Shure SM58 microphone running through an M-Audio Fast Track Pro for recording audio and then, when I’m filming videos, I use a Canon 550D DSLR Camera and a Zoom H4n Audio Recorder.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 10.54.09

What one piece of your work best represents you?

I think that if one piece of work summed me up, it would be the music video for ‘Unicornius’.  I think the hyperbole, sarcasm and weird sense of humour really sum up everything I want to create!


Who and/or What inspires you?

People that I find the most inspiring are the ones that create exactly what they want to create, even when they don’t have an audience. I have friends and I follow some artists with very niche and small followings, but they are so committed and driven to create exactly what they create, it’s super inspiring!


What has been you most enjoyable piece of work to date?

I think the most enjoyable opportunity I had from creating artwork was the chance to film a music video with a professional film crew in London. At the time I’d visited London once in my life and been recording music exclusively in my bedroom, in a super small town, so to travel down to London and be treated like rockstars, while working with professionals, was insane. I think the more you know about your industry, the less magic it seems!


What/Who would be your ultimate client or dream job?

It changes all of the time, but at the moment, I think my dream job would be to produce my own animated TV show, It seems like it would be super fun and rewarding! Hopefully I’ll get the chance one day!


If there is one piece of advice you could give to aspiring creatives, what would it be?

If I could go back in time and give some advice to myself 10 years ago, I’d say to not get too attached to single ideas and projects and that sometimes starting a fresh new project, can get you closer to where you want to be, than to stick with one project for longer. I took a long time to realise that, but once I let go and tried something new, it became my most successful project.

Other useful advice that has been given to me, is to just be nice to everyone… you never know who you will work with again further down the line. The music/video/game industries are all very small and you’re super likely to cross paths with the same people again and again, so don’t be a jerk and burn bridges!

Logo Designs.

I have not been keeping up to date with my blog apologies for this. However it is because I have been busy with work for clients and I can now finally show some of the designs to you. I have had a mixture of work ranging from children’s party invitations to logo designs for new start ups. Below are the Logo’s I have been busy creating.




Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 17.39.02


Here’s to 2013

2013 is on its way out, christmas is on its way and 2014 will shortly be with us. I have had a busy year which has included getting married and moving to the big city, London.

I have not posted since september, mostly due to being busy with work at my Internship at vintage boutique The Gathering Goddess. This is almost coming to an end after 3 months of solid hard work. However i have really enjoyed producing the marketing material for their websites and social media platforms. My last 2 weeks will be filled with a busy schedule finalising banners and leaflets for print and also a Brochure which i hope to eventually share on this site.

In the new year i will be back to working on some exciting new projects, exploring some new techniques and pushing my work to the next level. Im hoping that my hard work is going to pay off and will continue to bring in new opportunities for 2014.

I hope you all have a fantastic christmas and new year.

see you next year!



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